Would you like to have a personalized illustration, the cover of your album, a new original painting, your company logo or add illustrations to your book?

If you like my work and want to commission a customized project, here you will find all the necessary information.


In the price are included:

-All the necessary modifications: to make sure that the work is going in the right direction, I send captures of all the steps (sketch, line, base colors, shades, lights and details). In this way, if something needs to be modified, it can be changed on time and the order ends well and faster.

-Video Speed ​​Painting of the process that I will upload to my You Tube channel.

- Print on high quality paper (color or black and white) in A3, A4 or A5 size and signed by hand (shipping costs separately).

-Certificate of authenticity.




·        1 figure: € 80 (+ € 50 for each additional figure).

·        Custom background (for example: your room): € 60


·        1 figure: € 20 (+ € 10 for each additional figure).

·        Custom background (for chibis are simple): € 40


·        Design from zero: € 80

·        Design from the sketch: € 60


·        Posters from zero: € 70 (adding pictures costs)

·        Posters with previous images: € 50



The price of this type of orders varies according to size, technique and materials. It would be necessary to send me an email with all the information to give you a budget.


-Illustrations: watercolor, pencils, inks, gouache and alcohol-based markers.

-Canvas: acrylic, oil and encaustic.

-Engraving: xylography on wood or linoleum.



You must send me an email with all the necessary information about the project to and I will reply with the budget.

At the moment you accept it, I will add your commission in the list of orders and I will give you an estimate of the date I will start with your project.

You must pay 50% in advance the same day that I start with your order and the rest when you are agree with the final art. Then I will proceed to print it and prepare the video and the shipment.

If your order is hurry up and it is necessary to gate-crash in the list, 25 € will be added to the initial budget, because there is a risk that I will be delayed with the other clients.

I ask for seriousness with the steps and if there is something that does not convince you, let me know without any problem. Because when they ask me to make last-minute changes, it's more complicated and takes more time.

Payment must be made by bank transfer or by Paypal by sending money to a friend. If it is done for payment of services or products, the price goes up, because it takes commission.


For any questions or suggestions, send me an email to: