I’m Alesa and this is Leia, my naughty kitty💗

She’s my personal cheerleader, and she makes a great job. But I have to keep her happy, so I need your support to buy snacks, toys and, if you’re even more generous, salmon so she will be dancing in happiness,
Of course, thanks to your support I’ll be able to produce merchandising for conventions and for my patrons.

🍪If you give a snack to Leia, you’ll make her happy!
Thank you!!
Get access to patreon-only feed.
A monthly wallpaper for pc, tablet, and smartphone.
And sketches of my illustrations.

🐁If you give a funny toy, she could let me work hahaha. (Thank you so much T^T)
In addition, you’ll get the possibility to choose the next artwork theme between three options. Tutorial guides, where I’ll teach you how do I work proportions, lights and shadows, and much more.
And I’ll tag you in the winner artwork published on my social network.

🐟If you are so generous to give a salmon for Leia… Oh my glob!!!
I’ll be eternally grateful for your supporting!!
You’ll receive all of previous rewards and an added monthly video premiere one week before being published in my YouTube channel.
And every three months you will join in a A3 print raffle with payed costs!!

Thank you so much for support me 💗w💗